The Seven Year Itch

It’s fifty years since screen idol, sex symbol and starlet, Marilyn Monroe, died tragically at age 36. We, like all cinephiles, love Marilyn, and decided that there would be no better tribute than to bring her back to the big screen. The Seven Year Itch is arguably Monroe’s greatest celluloid moment. In it Marilyn plays the beautiful, albeit ditsy, upstairs neighbour of Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell). After Richard packs his family off for their summer holidays, he bumps into The Girl (Monroe.) Some unfortunate reading material cause’s Richard to doubt his fidelity to his wife and fantasize about wooing The Girl. A classic comedy caper ensues, where even in his fantasies Richard is incapable of carrying out an affair with The Girl, becoming increasingly paranoid and guilt ridden. Don’t miss this rare chance to catch Marilyn on the big screen, and keep your eyes peeled for a particularly famous subway vent and white dress.

Duration: min
Rating: TBC